Monday, July 12, 2010


Lecturer in Sans/crit , S. R. R. & C. V. R. COLLEGE, VIJAYAWADA

The venerable author of this book, Sri Kota Venkata  Chelam Garu, has been working with single-minded devotion to salvage the ancient history of   India from the ravages of modern Indologists, both European and Indian. He has shown, in this and in his sixteen volumes preceding this, that a   fairly accurate history of our country can be constructed from the material available in the Puranas and other ancient literature and that the  innumerable errors and deliberate distortions of facts in what now passes for Indian history are due to the prejudice of foreign Indologists against our Puranic and other indigenous literature and the consequent neglect of the historical material contained therein, during their attempts to construct Indian history.

The author and many others that are critical of these Indologists should have bowed at their feet if they had achieved the little bit that they have done in constructing our genuine history without the aid of the Puranas. All that is worth anything in the history they have written is drawn from the Puranas. Sir William Jones, who laid the foundation of Indian history, openly acknowledged his      indebtedness to the Puranas.  It is no exaggeration to say that without the aid of the Puranas even the outlines of Indian history could not be drawn.

It is a pity that all old records in the world, except the Indian, were ransacked and given credence to, by our Indologists and it is this misplaced hope and trust that were responsible for the imperfectness and incorrectness of Indian history as it now obtains.   If the Indologists had shown to Indian literature at least half the respect that they have shown to foreign records, their labours would have been a thousand times more successful.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Kavisamrat Sri Viswanatha Satynnarayana in Preface to The Plot in Indian Chronology by Pandit Kota Venkata Chelam

    About fifty years of the life of Sri Kota Venkata Chelam , the author of this book, have been spent in untiring quest after truth, regarding   the ancient history of India. He has ransacked the indigenous literature dealing with our history as also the great bulk of the eastern and western books, the writings of the western Indologists, and has refuted the illogical arguments of the western historians, and established the   truth of the correctness of the historical data detailed in our Puranas. English education has banished sound scholarship in our ancient lore and also genuine zeal to probe into its secret depths. Now-a-days scholarship means being at home with what is written by the western scholars. The   western scholars have discredited the hoary past of our ancient culture and tried their very best to bring down the dates to suit their purpose.  A thousand changes they have made in the dates and in the names of the kings. The whole thing is confusion worse confounded.

    It requires a Himalayan effort and unquenchable thirst on the part of a real nationalist to lay bare the scheme and the conspiracy that was responsible for throwing dust upon the veracity of the Puranic account. At present it is not possible to know the true history our ancient India. Sound scholarship in Sanskrit and the same in English are generally divorced from each other, and the special merit of this book is that it is based on a critical examination of the original Sanskrit texts and attempts to point out the defects in the Indological literature in English.