Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pandit Chelam's books in English

1. Manava Srishti Vignanam or
The Genesis of the Human Race
2. The plot in Indian Chronology
3. Chronology of Nepal History Reconstructed
4. Chronology of Kashmir History Reconstructed
5. The Historicity of Vikramaditya and Salivahana
6. Age of Buddha, Milinda & Amtiyoka and Yuga-Purana
7. Chronology of Ancient Hindu History- Part-I
8. Chronology of Ancient Hindu History- Part-II
(Archaeological evidence misused)
9. Age of Mahabharata War
10. Indian Eras


  1. @gdprasad - thanks for this very useful information. Are these books available via any publication presently ? Would it be possible to provide some details of the same.

  2. These books are now out of stock. For photostat copies of these books you can contact Dr.K.N.Sastry, 23-34-18, II Floor, Manepallivari Street, Vijayawada-520011,A.P., India. ph.0866-6539146. Some of the books can be downloaded from the internet, by searching for Kota Venkata Chalam(or Chelam).

  3. It would be nice if steps are taken to print these books again. These can be used by scholars to counter the argument of pseudo Indologists