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Sanskrit is the most ancient and the parent language of all the languages on the earth

Sir william Jones, one of the most intellectual of the European critics of Sanskrit literature, pronounced the Sanskrit language to be "of a wonderful structure, more perfect than the Greek, more copious than the Latin, and more exquisitely refined than either." (Vide Asiatic researches, Vol I, p, 422)
Professor Max-Muller calls Sanskrit "the language of Languages’ and says that "it has been truly said that Sanskrit is, to the science of language, what Mathematics is to Astronomy" (vide Science of language, p.203.)
The distinguished German critic Schlegel says “Justly it is Sanskrit, i.e. perfect, finished. In its structure and grammar it closely resembles the Greek, but it is infinitely more regular, and therefore more simple, though not less rich. It combines the artistic fullness indicative of Greek development, the brevity and nice accuracy of Latin; whilst having a near affinity to the Persian and German roots, it is distinguished by expression as enthusiastic and forcible as theirs." (History of Literature, p. 117)
The learned Dr Pritchard says: "The affinity between the Greek language, and the ‘old Parsee' and Sanskrit is certain and essential. The use of cognate idioms proves the nations who used them to have descended from one stock. That the religion of the Greeks emanated from an eastern source no one will deny. We must therefore suppose the religion as well as the langauge of Greece to have been derived in great part from the East," (Vide Dr. Pritchard's Physical history of Man, vol I, p. 502)
Mr. Pococke says "The Greek language is a derivation from the Sanskrit". (Vide India in Greece p 18)
Sir William Jones further says "I was not a little surprised to find that out of ten words in Du. Perrons' Zind Dictionary Six or seven were pure Sanskrit."(Sir William Jones,Vol i, pp. 82, 83.)
Prof. Heeren says "In point of fact the Zind is derived from the Sanskrit.(Vide Heeren’s Researches Vol., II, p.220)
Mons Dubois says that "Sanskrit is the original source of all the European languages of the present day." (Vide Bible in India).
Prof. Weber says:- " Whi1e the claims of the written records of Indian Literature to a high antiquity are thus indisputably proved by external geographical testimony, the internal evidence in the same direction, which may be gathered from their contents, is no less conclusive ". (Weber’s history of Indian literature p.5.)

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