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The Kanva Dynasty--The seventh dynasty of Magadha

From 2220 to 2305 A.Y. :: From B.C. 918 to 833 ...Total 85 years.
S.No.Name of KingYears reignedA.Y.B.C.
1Vasudeva Kanva392220-2259918-879
2 Bhumimitra 24 2259-2283 879-855
3 Narayana 12 2283-2395 855-843
4 Susarma 10 2395-2305 843-833

Total 85 years
Vasudeva, the first ruler of the Kanva Dynasty was a descendant of Kanvayana Brahmin family. As he was a minister of Devabhuti, the last king of the Sunga Dynasty, he is described in some of the Puranas as the Srungabritya and his Dynasty as Srungabrutya Dynasty.(Vide M.P. chapter 270 and Va.P. Ch. 99)

It appears from these Puranas that Vasudeva, the Brahmin minister of Devabhuti had not altogether done away with the family of his master, for there are statements in these Puranas that the Andhra kings who came next, annexed not only the kingdom of the Kanvas but also what remained of the once powerful Sunga Dynasty. So it is most likely that Vasudeva ruled the kingdom with Girivraja as his capital and the descendants of his master ruled a portion of the country with Vidisa, the modern Vilasa as their capital. He is said to have ruled the kingdom of Magadha with justice and efficiency for a period of 39 years, from 2220 to 2259 A.Y. or 918 to 879 B.C. (Vide M.P. and Va.P. ad K.R.V.)

The last Kanwa king Susarma was killed by his general and minister by name Sindhuka or Srimukha (an Andhra Brahmin) who ascended to the throne of Magadha in 833 B.C.
Thus ends the Kanva or Kanvayana, Sungabhritya or Sringabhritya or the seventh dynasty.
(Vide "Age of Sankara" Part I. B.)

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