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Magadha Empire. After the Mahabharata war in 3138 B.C)

Barhardradha Dynasty continues after Mahabharata War
(22 kings from 3138 B.C. to 2132 B.C. for a total of 1006 years)

The Puranas commence the list of the Barhadradha Dynasty only from Marjari, son of Sahadeva and grandson of Jarasandha, and counts from him 22 kings, as all of them evidently give the dynasties of kings only from the time of the Mahabharata war, from which date our regular history commences.

These Puranas in summing up the total number of years which these 22 kings of Barhardradha Dynasty ruled over Magadha after the Mahabharata war, put it roughly at full 1000 years or over 1000 years, instead of exactly putting it as 1006 years, the actual number of years for which these 22 kings ruled Magadha, as stated in giving the years for which period each of these individual kings reigned.

Pradyota Dynasty
(The Pradyota Dynasty begins From 1006 to 1144 A, Y. From 2132 to 1994 B. C. (Total Years-- 138) according to a majority of the Puranas.)
Pradyota or Pradyotana(Kaliyuga Raja Vrittanta,K.R.V.) or Balaka(Matsya Purana,M.P) is the son of Munika(Vayu Purana and Vishnu Purana) or Sunaka(Brahmanda Purana and Bhavishya Purana) or Pulaka(M.P and K.R.V.), the minister of Ripunjaya, the last king of the Barhadradha Dynasty, whom he treacherously killed. Instead of crowning himself as the king, which was clearly against the wishes of the people, Munika cleverly managed to place his son Pradyota on the throne of Magadha by getting the only daughter of the last king married to him in the year 2132 B.C., 1006 years after the Great war.
According to all the Puranas he is said to have baffled all the Kshatriyas of his time and placed his son Pradyota openly as the Emperor of the whole Northern India, by subjugating the Vitihotras of Avanti as well, whose dynasties there after came to a close.(Vide Va. P., Ch. XC1X.309-314, M. P. Ch. CCLXX, 1-5, Br. P., III,Ch. LXXIV,123- 127, B.P., Skandha XII, Ch. II, 1 to 4, and Vi.P., IV, Ch._ XXIV, 1-8). According to Matsya(M.P.), the first king of this Dynasty is called ‘Baalaka and the Dynasty is called ‘Balaka Dynasty’

1. Pradyota or Balaka....reigned for 23 years from 2132 B.C. to 2109 B.C.
2. Paalaka or Palaaka....reigned for 24 years from 2109 B.C. to 2085 B.C.
3. Visaakhayupa..........reigned for 50 years from 2085 B.C. to 2035 B.C.
4. Janaka( or Suryaka)...reigned for 21 years from 2035 B.C. to 2014 B.C.
5. Nandivardhana.........reigned for 20 years from 2014 B.C. to 1994 B.C.

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