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Saisunaga Dynasty- The Third Dynasty of Magadha after the great war.

(From 1144 to 1504 A.Y.--From 1994 to 1634 B.C.) Total No. of Years 360.

1. Sisunaga (K.R.V., .B.P., and Br.P): Sisunaka (Va.P.,and M.P) or or Sisunabha (Vi.P) is the founder of the Sisunaga Dynasty of the Magadha kings. By conquest Sisunaga (the king of Benaras) succeeded to the throne of Magadha held hitherto by the_Pradyota Dynasty. He reigned for 40 years from 1144 to 1184 A.Y., 1994 to 1954 B.C. He is said to have placed his son as king of Kasi, while he himself reigned at Girivraja or Rajagriha, the capital of Magadha.

2. Kaakavarna or Sakavarna (Va.P), son of sisunaga ruled Magadha for 36 years from 1184 to 1220 A. Y., 1954 to 1918 B. C.

3. Kshemadharman or Kshemavarman (Va. P.): Son of Kakavarna reigned for 26 years from 1220 to 1246 A. Y. 1918 to 1892 B.C. The K.R.V., calls him Kshemakarman and gives him areignof 26 years with which B.P. and one version of M.P. agree. The Va.P., and Br.P., give him only a reign of 20 years. One version of M.P., gives him a reign of 36 years.

4. Kshattrowjas (Vi.P., Br.P., and K.R.V.) or Kshemajit (M,P.) or Kshetrajna (B.P): Son of Kshemadharman reigned for 40 years from 1246 to 1286 A.Y., 1892 to 1852 B.C. The M.P gives him only a reign of 24 years. While all the other Puranas including K.R.V. assign to him 40 years.

5. Vidhisara (Vi.P.,Va.P., Br.P., B.P., and K.R.V) or Vindhyasena (M·P) or Vimbisara (Buddhistic Accounts) Son of Kshattrawjas reigned for 38 years from 1286 to 1324 A.Y., 1852 to 1814 B.C. The M.P.,and one version of Va.P., give him only a reign of 28 years, while all the other authorities give him a reign of 38 years. Further, while the Mahavamsa and the Asokavadana call him Bimbisara, the Parisishta parva of Hemachandra calls him Srenika , and all these Buddhistic and jain authorities are agreed in describing Bimbisara or Srenika as being 5 years junior to Gautama Buddha, who is said to have attained his Nirvana in the 8 th year of the reign of his successor Ajatasathru. These works_also describe Gautama Buddha as having become an ascetic in his 29 th year. Mr. Vincent A. Smith calls him Bimbisara and adds that he built Rajagriha annexed Anga and was a contemporary of Gautama Buddha.

6. Ajatasathru : Son of Vidhisara, reigned for 27 years from 1324 to 1351 A.Y., 1814 to 1787 B.C. While M.P., B,P., and K.R.V., give him a reign of 27 years; Va.P., and Br.P., give him only a reign of 25 years. The Mahavamsa, on the other hand, gives him a reign of 32 years, and his father Bimbisara, a reign of 52 years. . There is evidently some confusion in the order of kings as found in some of the versions of Va.P., and M.P. The order—Ajatasathru, Vidhisara and Kshattrawjas as found in one version of the Va.P., is evidently a mistake for Kshattrawjas, Vidhisara and Ajatasatru, for the reading in the other version is clearly otherwise.

7. Darbhaka, Darsaka (Va·P.) or Arbhaka (Vi.P): Son of Ajatasatru ruled for 35 years from 1351 to 1386 A.Y, 1787 to 1752 B.C. The M.P., calls him Vamsaka and gives him only areign of 24 years. Mr. V.A. smith calls him Karshaka but we are not able to ascertain the source from which he has derived this name.

8. Udayana (Vi.P., K.R.V., and Brihatkatha), Udayin (Va.P. and Br.P ,), Udasin (M P.) Ajaya (Br.P) or Udayasva (one version of Va.P and M.P), Udayi Bhaddaka (M.V.) Udayibhadra—A.A):
Son of Darbhaka reigned for 33 years from 1386 to 1419 A.Y. 1752 to 1719 B.C. The Vayu Purana and other authorities distinctly say that this king Udayana or Udayin built the city of Kusumapura (Pataliputra) in the 4 th year of his reign on the southern bank of the Ganges, with which the accounts given in the Brihatkatha, Kathasaritsagara and Kaliyuga Raja Vrittanta entirely agree.
Mr. V. A. Smith ascribs the building of the fort of Pataliputra to the reign of Ajatasatru, the grand father of Udayana or Udaya as he styles him; while all the authorities ascribe the very foundation of the city of Kusumapura (Pataliputra) to Udayana. The story of Ajatasatru having built the fort of Pataliputra, must, like the dates arbitrarily assigned by him to these various kings, be taken cum-grano-salis.

9. Nandivardhana : Son of Udayana ruled for 42 years from 1419 to 1461 A. Y. 1719 to 1677. The M. P., and Br. P., give him only a reign of 40 years. The Buddhistic accounts make a mess of things between Udayana and Nandivardhana, whom they evidently call by the name Kalasoka.

10. Mahanandin: Son of Nandivardhana ruled for 43 years from 1461 to 1504 A.Y., 1677 to 1634 B. C. All the authorities are unanimous in aseribing a reign of 43 years. One vérsion of the Br.P., gives 63 years which is evidently a mistake for 43 years. There is again a good ideal of confusion here in the Buddhistic accounts. We find the names of the following 4 kings, Viz., 1. Sahalin, 2. Tulakuchi, 3. Mahamandala and 4. Prasenajit inserted between Kalasoka and Mahanandin, whom they simply call Nanda. (Vide Asokavadana).
Thus ends the Saisunaga Dynasty, the third dynasty.

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