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Kings of Taranga VIII

Agni Vamsi or Brahma-Kshatra Kings From 1110 to 1148 A.D. Total 38 years (4 kings. )

Name of King Years Reigned Kashmirabda or Laukikabda Christian Era A.D.
133. Uchchla - 134. Sankaraja 10 4186-4196 1110-1120
135. Sussala 8 4196-4204 1120-1128
136. Jayasimha 20 4204-4224 1128-1148

Kalhana mentioned that Jayasimha was the ruler of Kashmir when he wrote the Rajatarangini in the Saka 1070 years. If we add 78 to 1070, we get the Christian Era 1148 A.D.. It appears that Jayasimha ruled for some time more ( till 1154 A.D.)

The Sum total of all the reigns after Gonanda III, the 53rd. king.
53rd king to 73rd ---- 910 years
74th king to 79th ---- 192 years
80th .. .. . 89th ---- 332 years
90th .. .. . 106th---- 600 years
107th .. ... 116th----- 84 years
117th .. ... 126th----- 76 years
127th .. ... 132nd----- 98 years
133rd .. ... 136th----- 38 years
Total ----------------2330 years .
Befere Gonanda III--- 2268 years.
Grand Total-----------4598 years

Kalhana's time is 1148 A.D.; 4593-1148 = 345O B.C.
i.e., From 3450 B.C. we have the history of Kashmir.

Kalhana’s father was a tributary to the king of Kashmir, besides being the Prime Minister. This family might have been a branch of the Satavahana dynasty.

Rajatarangini relates that the Lohar kings, who were subordinate to the kings of Kashmir, belonged to Andhra Satavahana race. The 120th king in the list, Parvagupta, was a descendant of Satavahana dynasty; since he got the crown of Kashmir, the Brahmin kings of Gupta family became rulers of Kashmir. The Brahmin king of Lohar was the son-in-law of Bhima Sahi, the Hindu Brahmana Sahi king in Kabul. His daughter ‘Didda Devi’ was married to Kshemagupta, the son of Parvagupta. The 127th king in the list, "Sangrama Raja", was the nephew or brother’s son to Didda Devi; and was son of Lohar king. Rajatarangini clearly mentions that he was a descendant of Satavahana family. The Puranas pronounced that the Andhra Satavahana race spilt-up into several offshoots and spread all over the land. These Andhra Brahmin families held sovereignty not only over the South but also over the North; in, Kashmir, Lohar etc.
The Sahi family ruled over an area by the name of "Dhakkan Territory", in Simhapura, Divyakataka, and Uttara Jyotisha regions; these Yavana states were conquered and consolidated into one kingdom and ruled. Its modern name is Afghanistan.

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